I am thankful

I’m quite anxious tonight; too much to do in too little time on too little sleep.  But I do want to compile a list of at least some of the things I’m thankful for.  So . . . . I am thankful for

  • My kids, who have loved me and supported me and put up with my nonsense for over 35 years now, and who have both grown into outstanding citizens
  • My grandson Logan, who is the love of my life
  • My son-in-law Patrick, who has become a good friend and who puts up with my computer dyslexia in good spirit
  • My cousin Joe Kane, who has all my life been the family member I would trust with my life
  • My niece Renea, who is just such a cool person, and who has become a superhero against all odds.
  • my friends, who allow me to know them, and who allow me to be myself, put up with my resting bitch face, and in general are totally there for me when I need them
  • for God, who watches over me when I do something stupid, and who seems to just make all those trucks veer just in time to miss me
  • for Portland and Oregon, the place that has become my home.  I love every day I wake up in this state
  • for Aidan McCree, my loyal, funny, yippy little dog, who allows me to be his mistress and take him for walks and clean up his poop
  • For trees and bridges and staircases, from which I get continual inspiration
  • pecans, caramel and chocolate (not necessarily in that order) which just makes me smile

I’m sure there are many, many more things I have to be thankful for, but I really can’t think too clearly tonight.  Have a good one everybody



About keaneonlife

I will use this blog to reach out creatively, document the things I'm doing, what makes me happy, excited, hopeful, and maybe sometimes what makes me sad. I'll try not to bore you. I am a mother; a grandmother; a lover of my dog Aidan McCree; a glass fuser; jewelry maker; an aspiring content editor for independent authors; a retired paralegal; a soul who thinks she has something to say in writing; a volunteer for Portland Open Studios; a friend to just a few and an acquaintance of many.
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