The high cost of being an introvert

Sometimes I have a hard time making phone calls. I just dread the conversation. When the kids were little, I waited until my husband came home and made him call the babysitter. I don’t know why. I blame it on being an introvert.
So, when I started complaining about the cost of Comcast about last November (that’s 6 months ago if you’re counting, my son-in-law suggested that I call them and tell them I was going to cancel, and he assured me that they would not let that happen; they would move heaven and earth to get me to stay. Good idea I thought. But I didn’t call, just berated myself for. To having the guts to make the call.
So, today, I thought, “enough is enough” and made the call. When you tell the machine that you want to leave, you are sent to a special person in the solutions department. I told him my dilemma. (I said I was retired now and just couldn’t afford it and so wanted to cancel). He right away offered me the “triple play” which they have been calling me about for a year. You have to have phone service to get the triple play and I don’t want a landline. This was a savings of about $15. I simply said, that just isn’t enough. Well, long story longer, I ended up with a plan that was about $60 cheaper per month than my current plan. He just kept finding one more discount, gave me a new modem and a new DVR. In case you haven’t done the math $60 for 6 months, actually 7 because it takes a month to get the new price, is $420. That’s a high cost for giving in to being uncomfortable.


About keaneonlife

I will use this blog to reach out creatively, document the things I'm doing, what makes me happy, excited, hopeful, and maybe sometimes what makes me sad. I'll try not to bore you. I am a mother; a grandmother; a lover of my dog Aidan McCree; a glass fuser; jewelry maker; an aspiring content editor for independent authors; a retired paralegal; a soul who thinks she has something to say in writing; a volunteer for Portland Open Studios; a friend to just a few and an acquaintance of many.
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6 Responses to The high cost of being an introvert

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Don’t fret about the past….be proud of what you did accomplish. I’m so much like you.

  2. digitalgranny says:

    Good for you for getting a cheaper plan.
    Comcast has so many hidden fees we do not expect to get hit with and when we do it is to late-we owe.
    I got mine lowered too and am happy with it being more affordable now also,’
    Have a good day.

  3. keaneonlife says:

    Thanks for following me! And good for you with Comcast!

  4. tantoverde says:

    Well, I will enter with a usual debate about money – that so many entities try to put the highest price possible as they know people are too busy or not really willing to call them. I am extravert, but I have my hard times calling on phone because of a serious issue. The last time I call I have to tell my and my partner’s name, when I called back in several weeks I discovered they took everything wrong. Even my first name, which is… Anna.
    So phone is intimidating, don’t think something is wrong with you 🙂

    • keaneonlife says:

      I completely agree. See, I could very easily make that call for you, if I put it in my head that I was “working” for you. Then I would be a lion! It makes me mad the way these companies take advantage of people.

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