Do it anyway

This short post comes under the heading of “get over yourself. Just do it anyway”. It all started last week at the board meeting. I found out I was going to have to speak in Front of 80-90 people, which managed to turn my voice three octaves higher. Then I find out my mentor Linda would not be there, so I had to speak for her too. I have worried about this all week, what a blood fool I was going to make of myself. Then last night I lose a tooth. Not a back tooth. One right in front. Ye gods. I’ve been more than a little sick to my stomach since. But I decided if God was going to give me this test, then by damn I was going to pass it. So I went to the meeting tonight and spoke in front of a bunch of local artists, talked to many after the fact, and generally had a great time. Thanks for the test, God.


About keaneonlife

I will use this blog to reach out creatively, document the things I'm doing, what makes me happy, excited, hopeful, and maybe sometimes what makes me sad. I'll try not to bore you. I am a mother; a grandmother; a lover of my dog Aidan McCree; a glass fuser; jewelry maker; an aspiring content editor for independent authors; a retired paralegal; a soul who thinks she has something to say in writing; a volunteer for Portland Open Studios; a friend to just a few and an acquaintance of many.
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