Gathering in the crops

Fall is here. That means it’s time to gather in the last of the herbs from the patio and get them stored for winter. Usually I dry the herbs, but this year I decided to freeze some too.  It’s much easier and the taste is fresher.  You just fill ice cube trays two thirds full, then fill with either boiling water or olive oil.  Freeze, then keep in a plastic bag

2014-10-01 13.43.45


Ikea has these great trays, bendy.






I’ll tell you this though.  It’s a pain in the neck getting the thyme off the stems.


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I will use this blog to reach out creatively, document the things I'm doing, what makes me happy, excited, hopeful, and maybe sometimes what makes me sad. I'll try not to bore you. I am a mother; a grandmother; a lover of my dog Aidan McCree; a glass fuser; jewelry maker; an aspiring content editor for independent authors; a retired paralegal; a soul who thinks she has something to say in writing; a volunteer for Portland Open Studios; a friend to just a few and an acquaintance of many.
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8 Responses to Gathering in the crops

  1. animar64 says:

    I used to have a great herb garden. But I let it go after my gardening buddy- my cat Wolfgang died. That was about 8 years ago. Y
    our post brought back some fond memories of that time 🙂

    • keaneonlife says:

      I’m Glad. I’ve always loved herbs and so grow some every year. I love the smell and, of course, love to cook with them. Perhaps you need a new cat?

      • animar64 says:

        I have three who are 10 years old ( they were littermatsw) and a puppy now.
        It just feels as if that time passed when Wolfie did.
        I had him for 17 years and he grew up with my sons so losing him was hard. Life changing I guess.

      • keaneonlife says:

        That’s sad. I know the feeling. I had a dog, Pepper, for 13 years. My son picked him out and of course he became mine. A week after I moved to Oregon he died. It was hard, to say the least. Three years later my daughter dragged me to Petco to adopt Aidan McCree. He’s a sweetie

  2. FarmerFi says:

    Totally agree with you about getting thyme leaves off the stems – soooo fiddly!

  3. betzcee says:

    I have nominated this post for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you wish to participate, check out the instructions here:

  4. betzcee says:

    I love working with herbs and smelling them the rest of the day.

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